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Project conclusion sharing sessions

In continuing with sharing our experiences on projects completed, the New Concept teams got together once again on 3rd February. The presenters showcased the IEC/BCC materials and more which were used and produced by New Concept for the projects. Experiences from the field, training assignments were shared and the hard work of each member of the New Concept family was acknowledged.

Presentation on projects

On 20th January, the New Concept teams got together to look at three projects which were recently concluded. The presenters showcased the animated shorts, documents, materials and more which were used and produced by New Concept for the projects. Experiences from the field, training assignments were shared and the hard work of each member of the New Concept family was acknowledged.

The presentations helped everyone understand how their work has translated into important achievements and allowed us to look at the larger picture.

Odisha, India: SBCC harnesses women’s collective power to improve HNWASH outcomes

Shakti Varta heralds a healthy change with the help of SBCC
New Concept Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. | Delhi, India
Part One

Given the complex environment in which Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teams, members of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) execute development projects, they are naturally concerned about managing the numerous, inter-related determinants that have a bearing on programme outcomes. Amongst the major inputs that are difficult to manage, but which have a lasting impact in terms of achieving programme outcomes, include more healthy and constructive individual and group behaviours. Positive behaviours by individuals, communities and stakeholders help practitioners select and define their approaches and activities more precisely to achieve programme objectives. This is quite crucial in health programmes where the health and well-being of target populations are at stake.
In health programmes, practitioners use a combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health. They do so by raising awareness and disseminating knowledge about the health issue and its solutions, and thereby influence attitudes and behaviours.

Health communication activities have evolved over the years and vary depending on the objectives, target audience and the communication channels available to broadcast messages.

Notable among the techniques used and under focus of late, is Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC). SBCC uses communication to change behaviours, including utilisation of services, by positively influencing knowledge, attitudes and social norms. SBCC promotes evidence-based behaviour change communication strategies rooted in a region’s socio-ecological context. SBCC advocates change while taking the support of individuals and groups at multiple levels of influence.

New Concept Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. worked with various government departments, District Implementing Partner NGOs and others on a community mobilisation programme under the Odisha Health Sector and Nutrition Programme (OHSNP), in Odisha’s fifteen, ‘High Burden’ districts. The programme, Shakti Varta (meaning the harnessing of women’s collective power through discussion and dialogue), was executed with support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) through Financial Assistance to Government of Odisha (GoO) and Technical Assistance from the Odisha Technical and Management Support Team (TMST).

New Concept presents a series of cases that illustrate how communities and individuals benefited from a Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach that empowered women who had never stepped out of their homes, to dialogue, learn and take action towards transforming community and individual behaviours that would make a difference in meeting HNWASH (Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) objectives.
New Concept Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience in transformational research and communication. New Concept has effectively used SBCC in its numerous projects. New Concept works with leading international and national development agencies, CSR units, NGOs and others, aiding them in research, developing communication strategies and materials and in capacity building.

New Concept now offers training on SBCC for interested individuals and groups, with technical support from UNICEF. Participants get a certificate from UNICEF, India at the end of the two-day certificate course.

An online course is also available.
For details, visit:

Appreciation for the New Concept Calendar 2014

New concept has really touched greater heights in all its work and projects. Wish you and your team all the best for 2014 and also for years ahead.

I also take this opportunity to thank you and your team for still having my contact address on your mailing list. Thanks for the beautiful calendar of 2014. The calender is simple, reflects colorfully the projects that New concept has implemented, appreciation of Bollywood songs I found it a new idea. further, it makes the reader realize the immense value this communication media holds for different people.

I would like to thank the team for their efforts .
Ms. Renu Suri
Brilliant, once again, this year! I really liked your 2014 calendar – the concept as well as the presentation, the choice of songs is also good (though a couple more of recent ones could have been taken!) and the narrative for each month is also very good. Overall, again, a very creative concept by the NC team… congratulations, and many thanks!

All the best to all of you for a hugely successful 2014!
Ms. Kamal Singh

Thanks for the lovely calendar and please convey my appreciation to the New Concept Team for their creativity.

Dr. Bhupinder Aulakh MD MPH
Managing Director
Futures Group India

Received the beautiful new year calendars. Thank you! It took Papa and me some time to realize that some lines were from stanzas and we kept trying to understand which songs were being referred to. When we finally made the connection, we were amazed at how well the lines have been correlated with the theme for the month. Congratulations to the team!

Thanks again and regards
Ms. Shuvi Sharma
For the last three years, I’ve been observing calendars brought out by
NC… calendars based on themes that touch upon some aspect of our culture.
The underlying idea is always refreshing and sets in the creative juices
flowing right at the beginning of a year.
This year’s calendar is special because:

  • it touches upon films, Hindi films, that are integral part of our lives
  • it comes right at a time when the euphoria over 100 years of Indian
    cinema has gradually calmed down

  • selection of songs are representative of at least three generations of
    hindi movie-buffs… and all are 24 carat gold (Chittagong finding a place
    was very special… hope a copy has been sent to the film maker Mr B Pain)

  • the visual treatment… illustrations coupled with lyrics… inimitable

    Thank you for sharing a copy… I feel privileged!

    Mr. Rishi Kaushik (Tata Steel)
    What struck me first about the calendar were the uncluttered and appealing graphics, which conveyed serious themes without being heavy handed. And then when I read the matter I immediately started humming the tune- so it appealed to more than just the visual senses. I now have a tune for every month, which makes me very happy! Most innovative, in my (humble :)) opinion.

    Ms. Asmita Basu
    Research and Consulting
    Gender, Law and Human Rights
    It was great visiting the office and meeting you. I also went through the calender, and loved it. I think my parents loved it more though, since the songs were their era, it took them back to their hay days! It was lovely, with a traditional and distinct feel to it.

    Thanks a ton
    Unnattee Eusebius

  • Response to New Concept calendar 2012

    New Concept created a wall calendar this year, in four languages – Hindi, Odiya, Tamil and Telegu (English on each calendar). The theme this year can be best described by the introductory lines in the calendar –

    When our actions change,
    our world changes.
    When our world changes
    for the better, the year
    becomes truly new.

    We have received positive response to the calendar and share some of it here with you.

    Dear New Concept,
    What struck me– was the weaving together of the idea of harmony & oneness through words used very succinctly, simply and illustrations which made it come alive.
    Unlike many other calendars/publications–it is subtle– it allows you to think & meander & does not throw the message in your face. I feel it shows the thought and the care behind creating it–what we want to say to the world at this point of time.
    Sujata Raghavan
    Documentation Team, New Concept Information Systems

    Dear Team,
    Thank you very much for remembering us and sharing your calendar.
    It created a new reference for the calendars- not just shape and size, but for the art work and the thoughts expressed. Yes, it is beautifully bilingual and well designed
    Have a great day ahead.
    Warm regards,
    G. Sreenivasa Rao
    Clinton Health Access

    Dear Raghavan/Uma,
    As usual an excellent product from New Concept. This year there are some very obvious changes viz, localized variants (English – Tamil), wall hanging instead of the desk top etc., It does give a refreshing feel. And as always, great to having it in your desk err… wall!
    Many thanks for sending one to me.
    Partner – Kalyanasundaram & Associates

    Dear Mr Raghavan,
    Thank you very much for the lovely New Year calendar. A very Happy New Year to you and to your colleagues. Please convey my greetings to Maya also.
    Rama Narayanan
    M S Swaminathan Research Foundation

    Dear Sudha,
    Thank you for the lovely calendar. It was a pleasant surprise to see it on my desk, as I returned from a field trip. The conceptualisation is really cool.
    With warm regards,
    Anita Victor
    National Coordinator – HIV and AIDS
    World Vision India

    Dear sir,
    I must thank you so much for sending me a beautiful and very specialy designed calendar. I particularly liked the wordings and paintings in each page, both in Tamil English language. I am sure i will cherish this through out the year 2012.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Statistical Consultant

    What is a brand?

    Let me just begin by telling you what we believe a brand not to be.

    Branding is not – the logo, the marketing, the mementos. Does that surprise you?

    Historically branding was done to show a sense of ownership and that is what we have clearly understood – Who owns?

    Branding is developing a sense of belonging. Think about it…if you didn’t think you could use something, would it be a brand?

    An organization’s branding is of no use, unless it is recognized as useful to those it markets its products or services to.

    We have understood brand to be quality work, creativity and usefulness. The solution to developing your brand is simple – have you been useful lately? If you can answer this question, you have your branding. This simple and human question is what makes your brand inclusive, something you need because you want to reach out.

    Don’t fret about colors and how many items you can produce as part of the branding. Your organizations branding is not the same as your personal choice in color, or what have you. Think about your organizations work, what distinctive set of values and principles it has and what passion defines and drives it.
    So, before you make use of any service, we urge you to think about this and understand your passion, your values and your actions better to design your brand.

    by Surkhraj